Truth mixed with common experience is the best defense against Islam. Simple logic and truth make religious confusion become clear. Evil always flows down hill. Like water, evil always runs down hill. Water always seeks the lowest level. It is a law of nature, and a principle of gravity. As all objects have centers of gravity, all religions have had their low points of morality. Historically, for example, religions that offer human sacrifices to their gods have very low levels of morality. Having these sub-humane levels, all their followers gradually and eventually slide to that common denominator of human baseness.


Islam has these levels of immoral baseness to which all devoted members will eventually gravate, as they become more knowledgeable of their religion. In the Quran, there are base levels of immoral behavior taught through out, such as slavery, the abuse of women, torture, rape, pedophilia, pederasty, human mutilation, and murder. These base levels of behavior are generally morally unacceptable to most modern societies, civilizations, and religions, today. There may be individual incidents of these base levels of immoral behavior in other religions, but in Islam they are the common denominator and standard for their behavior.

A moderate Muslim becomes radicalized when he finds and descends to these levels of moral baseness. This is not the exception, but the rule.  Like gravity, it works ever time that it is tried. The more devoted, educated, and practiced in Islam the believer is, the more acceptable these base moral behaviors become. Muslims living among other religions with higher moral standards will not descend to these base levels as quickly as those Muslims in Islamic States, Muslim enclaves, or in geographic isolation from other religions.

In Islam, back to the basics means going back to the old immoral baseness of their religious history in the world.

Islam always flows down hill. It is a law of the nature of their religion.