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As demonstrated by every response to any individual terrorist attack, Western Civilization’s response is the Policy of Anomaly. An anomaly is a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form.

If you were hiking through a National Forest, and you came across a bear, you would be frightened, but not surprised.  However, if you were jogging through central park and crossed paths with a tiger, you would again be frightened, but extremely puzzled. As the tiger turned down another path, you would not say to yourself, “Oh, that was just an anomaly.” No, you would question how that tiger came to New York City, and what is the whole story behind how this all happened. That would be a normal, rational attitude about such an event.

But this is not the response given with every individual Muslim terrorist attack in any city in Western Civilization. There is no thought about the bigger picture, as to what may have caused this terrorizing event, but only the excuse that it was an anomaly. Western Civilization will not deal with the reality of a brutal, barbaric, caveman religion called Islam, so every individual terrorist attack becomes an anomaly. Even when the tiger can talk and tells us why he did his animal like behavior, the liberal western mind will not accept it.

This defies basic logic. If everything is an anomaly, then nothing is an anomaly. By definition, when something becomes the type, the arrangement, the rule, and the form, it is no longer an anomaly.

Our governments must be insane to think we are going to continue to accept this irrational Terrorism Foreign Policy of Anomaly.


Palestinian flag in Paterson

By Debbie Schlussel

As longtime readers know, I’ve written about Paterson, New Jersey many times, noting that it has the largest concentration of Palestinian Muslims in the United States, North America, and practically anywhere outside the Palestinian Authority and Gaza. As I’ve also noted, even leftist MTV News (yes, that MTV) broadcast news reports showing thousands of Palestinian Muslims outside Paterson’s town hall, cheering the 9/11 attacks against America (and starting a riot using cement garbage cans and metal poles, which they used to attack police). Now, Paterson has made official what we’ve known for a long time: that it is Muslim-occupied territory. Over the weekend, Paterson raised the Palestinian flag over its city hall. Many of Paterson’s residents are legal aliens (who came here AFTER 9/11 courtesy of Bush and Obama) and illegal aliens (who will be able to “come out of the shadows” and get citizenship, per Marco Boob-io and his Senate Gangband of Eight’s Amnesty Bill).

HAMAS CITY USA: Paterson Raises Palestinian Terrorist Flag Over Town Hall to Please Its HAMASnik Residents


And don’t kid yourself. In this case (as in many others), the Palestinian flag over Paterson is just a proxy for the HAMAS flag. HAMAS enjoys a ton of support in Paterson, and that’s why Chris Christie ChrispieCreme appointed a Paterson HAMASnik Muslim to a New Jersey judgeship. Don’t look for Chris ChrispieCreme to denounce the Palestinian flag-raising over Paterson. He knows on which side his halal baklava is buttered. (He alreadycalled opponents of HAMAS, “crazies.”) And if these dhimmiticians who run Paterson had any degree of honesty, they would raise the HAMAS flag over the Paterson town hall for their HAMASnik constituents. Paterson is known not only as a hotbed of HAMAS money-launderers and terrorism-enablers, but also as home to a number of Al-Qaeda-linked terror suspects and conspirators (don’t forget that HAMAS is a vital part of the Al-Qaeda network).

PATERSON – The raising of a flag at City Hall on Sunday was like any of the dozen or so similar events held in the city each year in a nod to its diversity. Except it wasn’t. That’s because the flag raised — for the first time in Paterson, and possibly at any city hall in the United States — was Palestinian. . . . Sunday, . . . the flag was raised in the rain before elected officials and about 150 people. People cheered, danced, shared sweets and shouted, “Long Live Palestine.”

“Palestine is our country and we are proud of that,” said Clifton resident Salwa Ramadan. “We’re happy [to be] recognized finally.” Paterson had never held the event because no one had asked, Mayor Jeffery Jones said. The mayor read a proclamation proclaiming May 19 as Palestinian American Day in the city and honoring the group’s heritage and contributions.


sharia cartoon

The Obama IRS refused to grant tax exempt status to Christian and pro-life groups. But, Muslim organizations were granted nonprofit status almost immediately. Having spent most of my legal career working with tax exempt entities, the IRS scrutiny on the Tea Party isn’t news to me. In my days at large law firms, I handled a portfolio of nonprofit Tea Party organizations and saw firsthand how the IRS treated them when it came to granting exemptions.

In many cases, the organizations fight tooth-and-nail to get through IRS scrutiny, often facing pages of questions from the IRS on their activities.

On the flip side, I’ve worked with numerous Muslim organizations as well. And every single application of a Muslim nonprofit has flown through the IRS, with minimal scrutiny.

What does this say about the way that the IRS is handling applications from Muslim nonprofits? For one, in the application phase, Muslim nonprofits seem to have an upper hand over Tea Party groups.

Is this a tacit power-play by the Obama administration? Some would say so. The Obama IRS also harassed a pro-Israel group suggesting they might be involved in terrorism.

Posted 0n Gateway Pundit by Jim Hoft

Terrorism cartoon

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev reportedly wrote a note taking responsibility for the attack, claiming it was retribution for Muslims in response to U.S. military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. CBS News reports that the note — scrawled in marker on the interior wall of the boat in which Tsarnaev was eventually captured by police — characterized the bombing victims as “collateral damage” and will now be used in court. “When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims,” Tsarnaev reportedly wrote.

Read more:

Commentary: This is the “same old” “same old” excuse for evil, but the media will again use this to blame America and Bush. Let’s get real. Islamic doctrine considers any living and breathing person that is non-Muslim an attacker against Islam. To the Muslim, the world belongs to Allah, and all non-believes are just trespassers on Islamic territory. The world is divided into the House of Islam and the House of War, the Dar al-Islam and the Dar al-harb. The outside world, which has not yet been subjugated, is called the “House of War,” and strictly speaking the law imposes a perpetual state of jihad, of holy war. This is the basis for the Islamic “go to” excuse for murder.

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva

“Self Radicalization” by Ingrafted, Defining the Narrative

An individual who is willing to commit a violent act of mass murder and mayhem in the name of his god, or any other cause, is soaked in an ideology which is taught or programmed into a person’s psyche.  That ideology doesn’t simply spawn in the mind of the perpetrator.  It comes from someone else, whether through print or other media; from a teacher, guide or mentor.  But the term “self radicalize” is specifically designed to deflect attention from that aforementioned ‘elephant’ sitting in the middle of the room.

Islam is that ideology and it can be taught by other people or the documents themselves, the Koran, Hadith, and countless commentaries and books of Islamic scholars (such as Seyyid Qutb) may be read and studied by the individual, even to the point of the student acting upon those teachings.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev did not “self-radicalize” anymore than Nidal Hasan or Osama bin Ladin.  He was taught.  He was taught the purest form of Islam, the Fundamentals of Islam. He believed it, he consumed it, and finally it consumed him.  His actions were based on his faith in his Scriptures (Koran), his prophet (Muhammad), and his god (Allah).

“We Love Death more than You Love Life”

The first victim of Islam is the Muslim.  Islam is, as I have pointed out before, a Great Black Beast.  It will consume everyone in its path if left unchecked, until finally there is no competing religion or ideology permitted.  There is a creed that surfaces occasionally when studying the Islamic culture which is so shaped by the obligatory act of jihad: “We love death more than you love life.” It has been a part of Islam since its earliest doctrines were formulated during that period immediately following Muhammad’s death in 632 (AD). This is that age of Islamic conquest the four “Rightly Guided Caliphs”, It is used by Hamas in their propaganda media.  It was recently used in a letter to the British government by six terrorists who pleaded guilty of planning an attack on the EDL last year.   It was repeated by the Madrid terrorists and actually earned a slide in a power point presentation by Nidal Hassan prior to his jihad attack which resulted in 13 dead and 32 wounded at Fort Hood, Texas. Islam is the largest death cult in the world.

THANK YOU Ingrafted, Defining the Narrative. When you can’t say it any better, then reprint it for all to read.

Obama train

In Lee Harris’s book The Suicide of Reason, the author states this reasonable truth. When Liberal Elites are up against Muslim Fanatics, liberal elites loose. In the events of the hours of the Benghazi murders, this truth was proven. And it will continue to be proven, as liberals are faced  with Islamic terrorism.

Islamic fanatics function in a world of the Laws of the Jungle. Liberal elites function in the world of make believe Rational Illusions. Liberal elites believed that keeping the security force light at our Consulate would appease fanatical Muslims. Liberal elites believed that a strong military response would only make Muslims hate us even more. In a rational world, that might have a chance of working.

But in the fanatical world of the laws of jungle, that will never work. It will only increase boldness among fanatics who sense fear in the liberal elites and blood in the water. To think otherwise is the Suicide of Reason.

In a world ruled by terrorism, liberal rational elitism is irrational, and fanaticism is rational.

The following quotes are from The Suicide of Reason:

“Rational actors pass on a culture of reason; tribal actors pass on their culture of fanaticism.”

“The West has responded to the return of fanaticism in two ways: first, by denial, and second, by moral condemnation.”

“Fanatics have toppled empires in the past, overthrown monarchies, and altered the religious faith of entire peoples.”


Solution to terror? ‘Shut down mosques’ by Drew Zahn, WND, April 29, 2013

A “human rights” organization is calling on government authorities to shut down three U.S. mosques it claims are not merely religious centers, but political entities and “breeding grounds for jihad terror.”


The American Freedom Defense Initiative, or AFDI, explains its demands are part of an 18-point plan to protect the nation from Islamic terror in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

AFDI Executive Director Pamela Geller said in a statement, “In accord with those calls for responsible law enforcement regarding subversive activities in U.S. mosques, we are asking that government and law enforcement officials launch immediate investigations into the Islamic Society of Boston, the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque of Fairfax County, Va., and the Noor Center of Columbus, Ohio.”

“Any mosque advocating jihad or any aspects of Shariah that conflict with constitutional freedoms and protections should be closed,” AFDI insists.

AFDI argues shutting down the mosques wouldn’t be a violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment protecting freedom of religion, because Islam is not merely a religion, but a “political system.”


A human cancer tumor grows within the cell structure of a human host of cells, and uses the host to expand it and take over additional cells, eventually consuming the entire body.

An Islamic Mosque is not a Church, but what it is, makes it a cultural tumor in America. What is done in an Islamic Mosque is not intended to facilitate assimilation Muslims into American Culture, but to destroy it and replace it with Islam. Islam is a religious institution, a cultural institution, a political institution, a legal institution, and finally a military institution. When Mosques are constructed, these institutions become tumors in our country.

This is not what Americans have always known as a Church. Islamic Mosques teach religion, promote a culture, indoctrinate in Sharia Law, encourage terrorism, and support political activism.  Wherever, a Mosque is planted in our culture that Mosque becomes the center of a foreign sub-culture dedicated to growing and expanded within our culture.

Like cancer, Mosques have stages of development. The Boston Mosque is a stage four cultural tumor in country.