A human cancer tumor grows within the cell structure of a human host of cells, and uses the host to expand it and take over additional cells, eventually consuming the entire body.

An Islamic Mosque is not a Church, but what it is, makes it a cultural tumor in America. What is done in an Islamic Mosque is not intended to facilitate assimilation Muslims into American Culture, but to destroy it and replace it with Islam. Islam is a religious institution, a cultural institution, a political institution, a legal institution, and finally a military institution. When Mosques are constructed, these institutions become tumors in our country.

This is not what Americans have always known as a Church. Islamic Mosques teach religion, promote a culture, indoctrinate in Sharia Law, encourage terrorism, and support political activism.  Wherever, a Mosque is planted in our culture that Mosque becomes the center of a foreign sub-culture dedicated to growing and expanded within our culture.

Like cancer, Mosques have stages of development. The Boston Mosque is a stage four cultural tumor in country.