Obama train

In Lee Harris’s book The Suicide of Reason, the author states this reasonable truth. When Liberal Elites are up against Muslim Fanatics, liberal elites loose. In the events of the hours of the Benghazi murders, this truth was proven. And it will continue to be proven, as liberals are faced  with Islamic terrorism.

Islamic fanatics function in a world of the Laws of the Jungle. Liberal elites function in the world of make believe Rational Illusions. Liberal elites believed that keeping the security force light at our Consulate would appease fanatical Muslims. Liberal elites believed that a strong military response would only make Muslims hate us even more. In a rational world, that might have a chance of working.

But in the fanatical world of the laws of jungle, that will never work. It will only increase boldness among fanatics who sense fear in the liberal elites and blood in the water. To think otherwise is the Suicide of Reason.

In a world ruled by terrorism, liberal rational elitism is irrational, and fanaticism is rational.

The following quotes are from The Suicide of Reason:

“Rational actors pass on a culture of reason; tribal actors pass on their culture of fanaticism.”

“The West has responded to the return of fanaticism in two ways: first, by denial, and second, by moral condemnation.”

“Fanatics have toppled empires in the past, overthrown monarchies, and altered the religious faith of entire peoples.”