Terrorism cartoon

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev reportedly wrote a note taking responsibility for the attack, claiming it was retribution for Muslims in response to U.S. military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. CBS News reports that the note — scrawled in marker on the interior wall of the boat in which Tsarnaev was eventually captured by police — characterized the bombing victims as “collateral damage” and will now be used in court. “When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims,” Tsarnaev reportedly wrote.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/05/16/boston-bombing-suspect-dzhokhar-tsarnaev-reportedly-left-note-inside-boat/#ixzz2TUYNNOvt

Commentary: This is the “same old” “same old” excuse for evil, but the media will again use this to blame America and Bush. Let’s get real. Islamic doctrine considers any living and breathing person that is non-Muslim an attacker against Islam. To the Muslim, the world belongs to Allah, and all non-believes are just trespassers on Islamic territory. The world is divided into the House of Islam and the House of War, the Dar al-Islam and the Dar al-harb. The outside world, which has not yet been subjugated, is called the “House of War,” and strictly speaking the law imposes a perpetual state of jihad, of holy war. This is the basis for the Islamic “go to” excuse for murder.