As demonstrated by every response to any individual terrorist attack, Western Civilization’s response is the Policy of Anomaly. An anomaly is a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form.

If you were hiking through a National Forest, and you came across a bear, you would be frightened, but not surprised.  However, if you were jogging through central park and crossed paths with a tiger, you would again be frightened, but extremely puzzled. As the tiger turned down another path, you would not say to yourself, “Oh, that was just an anomaly.” No, you would question how that tiger came to New York City, and what is the whole story behind how this all happened. That would be a normal, rational attitude about such an event.

But this is not the response given with every individual Muslim terrorist attack in any city in Western Civilization. There is no thought about the bigger picture, as to what may have caused this terrorizing event, but only the excuse that it was an anomaly. Western Civilization will not deal with the reality of a brutal, barbaric, caveman religion called Islam, so every individual terrorist attack becomes an anomaly. Even when the tiger can talk and tells us why he did his animal like behavior, the liberal western mind will not accept it.

This defies basic logic. If everything is an anomaly, then nothing is an anomaly. By definition, when something becomes the type, the arrangement, the rule, and the form, it is no longer an anomaly.

Our governments must be insane to think we are going to continue to accept this irrational Terrorism Foreign Policy of Anomaly.