It only took one year of the total Islamic agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood for the Egyptians to say enough is enough. The Islamic thugs fooled the Egyptians for a few weeks after the Arab Spring, but that didn’t last long. The implementation of an Islamic Constitution, the application of Sharia Law and the associated violence and intolerance against any other thought or religion brought the Egyptian people to a harsh realization. “Out of the frying pan into the fire.” Obama has the nerve to criticize the military for suspending the one-year-old Islamic Egyptian Constitution when he daily suspends our 237-year-old Constitution by executive orders. In the end, evil always over plays its hand and reveals what it really is. But Obama knows how to cook the frog slowly so that the frog does not jump out of the pot. Wake up American frog, the totalitarian fire is under our pot. When the welfare, food stamps, cell phones, and government loans make the frog feel warm and cozy, it may be too late. Dispite U.S. free bailout money, Egypt’s economy did not have all the free hand-outs, so the fire got hot too quickly.