Read any 18th or 19th Century World Literature, and you will not find the words Islam or Muslim used as a common expression. Back in those days, the word used for Islam was Muhammadism, and the word used for Muslim was Muhammadman. President Thomas Jefferson used these words writing about the Barbary Pirates.

Those pre-modern era expressions represented the general understanding of Western Civilization that Islam was not a religion, but a cult of Muhammad. Muhammedmen were those who follow the teachings and example of the cult leader Muhammad. The words Islam or Muslim were never in the original Quranic texts. For the past 200 years, through extensive propaganda, the followers of Muhammad have attempted to elevate their beliefs from a cult status to the level of a legitimate religion. Multiculturalists today have accepted this deception.

But Islam fails the religious tests necessary. Any so-called religion that puts a death sentence on those who leave their faith is a cult not a religion. Any so-called religion that abuses their children with Female Genital Mutilation and the bloody Ceremony of Ashura is not a religion. It is a cult. Any so-called religion that is 80% political, ideological and militaristic is not a religion. It is a cult. A religion that forces people to become Muhammadmen at the point of a sword is not a religion.

Just having 1.5 billion members does not elevate a cult to a religion.