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The practices of Sharia Muslim Morality have the human standards of a 7th Century Barbarian.

For Example:    Kill anyone that is opposes of your religion. Kill Homosexuals. Kill adulterers. Force female genital mutilation on children. Kill anyone who slanders Muhammad, Allah or the Quran. Suicide killing of women and children is an acceptable practice of war. Hate Jews and Christians. Lie for the advancement of Islam. Break any agreement that is no longer to your advantage. Rape is an acceptable weapon of war. Slavery of non-Muslims is acceptable. Beheading children of non-Muslims is acceptable. The forced marriage of children to old men is acceptable. Physical torture is an acceptable form of punishment. Amputation is an acceptable form of punishment. Forced sexual slavery of non-Muslims is acceptable. Muslim women must completely cover themselves except for their eyes. Honor killings of anyone including family are acceptable.

As Thomas Jefferson so clearly pointed out. Take a 7th Barbarian and give him the advantages of a 21st. Century Society without a 1400 year moral up-date, and you have a Muslim practicing Sharia Law.


image of Muhammad

Not until, the 15th century was it a curse to draw an image of Muhammad. The above is a 15th century picture of Muhammad drawn by a Muslim. In the Quran, and in the Sunna, Muslims learn more about the character of Muhammad than Allah. The same could be said of Jesus in the Gospels, but in the Gospels Jesus is God. In the verses of the Quran, Muhammad and Allah are clearly interchangeable. In the Quran, Muhammad recites a verse from Allah and then half way through the verse Muhammad becomes the person doing the talking. Many verses of the Quran begin with the pronoun “we.” Who are the “we.” Muhammad and Allah? Muhammad receives the same respect from his followers that most followers of other religions would reserve for God. When Sharia Law demands death to those who would draw an images of Muhammad, it is implying that Muhammad is so revered that he is like God. In the Old Testament, the Hebrews were not permitted to write the word God. Always borrowing from the Bible, Muslims have now transferred this same principle to Muhammad in terms of images. As I did, read the Quran and you decide who is God in Islam.