After examination by electronic experts, it was discovered that the clock was just a reassembled, repackaged, retail consumer product. This was hoax just like his religion. This clock would have been rejected as a fraud from any School science fair.

This Muslim hoax is a microcosm of the Civilization Hoax Islam has played on the world for centuries. Muslims have claiming inventions, innovations, and advancements in civilization as their own, when in fact they are stolen ideas from conquered civilizations repackaged under the Muslim culture. After a hundred years of renaming everyone and everything Arabic, who remembers.

The Muslim “clock boy hoax is a small mini example of the hoax of the centuries that Islam has advanced world civilization. Anything good things credited to the Muslim culture in this recent re-write of World Culture History books have been stolen ideas from more advanced cultures Muslims have raped and repackaged under the name of Islam.

The great Civilization of Islam is a hoax, just like the Texas Muslim students invention.