Barbarian is a word that has now been banned from use by the Multi-Cultural and Politically Correct apologists, but one dictionary says that a Barbarian is a person in a savage, primitive state, an uncivilized person.

A Barbarian Culture is one in which women are treated as animals, their religion is used to kill people, steal property and rape women, their punishments are cruel and excessive, and their political leadership is based upon the violent use of terrorism and military power.

Since the fall of the Roman Empire, the Muslim invasion of Europe has now become the 2nd Great Barbarian invasion of Western Civilization.

First, Islam is a 7th Century Barbarian Religion and Culture fleeing their own self inflicted breakdown of the social stability of the Middle East, Syria, and Northern Africa. Except for a few, very, oil rich Muslim Kingdoms, Muslim Cultures and Countries have not provided the modern life-style necessities desired by all common people. Second, Islamic Religious Imperialism (Jihad) has fueled the migration of Muslims to the lands of the Infidels. Third, European liberal and social cultural decline has lowered that part of Western Civilization to the point of a non-existent ability to defend itself from this invasion. Europe has created a religious, cultural, economic vacuum that Muslims have decided to fill.

The Barbarians have been coming and will continue to come to America for the same reasons.