ant colony

Western Civilization liberal intellectuals hate the history of 18th century Western Imperial Colonialism in the world, but they look the other way at modern day Muslim Imperial Colonialism in American and the world. Spain was a Muslim colony of Bagdad for 400 years, but they forget that or are ignorant of it.

The United States is now experiencing a 2nd Colonial Period today. Muslims arriving in our country create self-contained, exclusive communities in areas of the U.S. that are in fact foreign colonies of Islamic Nations. Saudi Arabia pays citizens and families to migrate to America. Once here, Muslims collect around a Mosque or Muslim Cultural Center and gradually engulf the surrounding neighborhoods. This is colonialism. Saudi Arabia finances 100’s of Mosques in the U.S. through the North American Islamic Trust, and these mosques are the anthills of Islamic colonization.

Dearborn, MI is a perfect example of a Muslim colony, and many more are growing in other cities and small towns, but to the multi-cultural, self-hating liberals this is now considered a wonderful thing. Muslims do not assimilate. They colonize.

The UN Resettlement Program is an international Islamic colonization program directed at America.