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It is not permissible for a Muslim to celebrate Thanksgiving for the following reasons:

Imam Ahmad and other hadith collectors have reported a hadtih that the Prophet Muhammad said, “Whoever imitates some people, he is considered as one of them.” In another narration the prophet said, “A person is not one of us (Muslims), if he imitates others (non-Muslims).”

We can find some reasons behind the prohibition of the imitation of the non-Mulsims in their feasts or holidays and the things that are special to them. The most important reason has to do with imitating them in their feasts and holidays. This is because Islam views the feasts and holidays as one of the worship acts, and therefore, it is not allowed for a Muslim to worship the way the non-Muslims do. Ibadah or worship in Islam has to be according to the teaching of Islam only.

Islam strongly prohibited imitating non-Muslims Even if it is in a worship act. The prophet did not allow the Muslims to imitate the Jews by fasting Ashorah the tenth of the month of Muharam. It is very important to know what is meant by not imitating non-Muslims. It applies only with what is special to them, and their feast celebration activities.


Long Island, NY, USA


pandora-box 2

At 500 Syrian Muslim Refugees every year, Peduto will create a Muslim “ Pandora Ghetto” in one or more of our Pittsburgh neighborhoods. This will happen for several reasons.

Muslims do not assimilate, not even among other Muslims of different sects. Muslims of different national languages or ethnic origin do not mix. The intellectual, professional Muslims that came here 10 to 15 years ago peppered our many neighborhoods, but these Syrian Muslims are unskilled, non-professional, uneducated, and will stubbornly move into closed communities to survive. The establishment of Sharia Law in Muslim neighborhoods is a prime objective, therefore resulting in the enforcement of it by gangs of vigilante code police.

The lesbians and gays will be harassed, beaten or killed. Businesses will move out, crime will escalate, real-estate prices will drop, schools will become dysfunctional, Friday prayers will block streets, public protests will be common over religious rights and privileges, and no-go zones will develop where police and firemen find it unsafe to carry out their duties. And the amplified speaker call to prayer five times a day will push out the original residents.

The Quran teaches that in general Muslims are not to make friends with non-Muslims. Even if first settled in non-Muslim area, they will intentionally move to another area more densely populated with Muslims. Muslims will drive out of neighborhood businesses (restaurants) that sell pork products or alcohol. Theaters will close under pressure because the Quran does not permit music, dancing, and other entertainments. Secular, commercial public advertizing that brings money into neighborhoods will disappear. ISLAM KILLS AMERICAN STYLE BUSINESSES. Banks that charge any type of interest will be pressured to make loans that conform to no interest Muslim religious law.

The U.S. Department of Human Services surveyed Muslim and found that of the 2008 through 2014 Muslims immigrants, 60 % still remained on welfare and food stamps.

Sharia Law allows Muslims to rape any non-Muslim women who in their view are unclothed to the point of asking for sex. Stealth Sharia courts will sanction wife abuse, child marriages, and pedophilia. As it did in Sweden, the rape rate will sky rocket in Pittsburgh. The Quran teaches that everything belongs to Allah and his Muslim followers, so therefore stealing from a non-Muslim is just redistributing property to its true owners, Muslims. Because over night marriages are permitted under Sharia Law, prostitution will become a big business.

Muslim Ghettos will become safe zones for immigrant terrorists and criminals recently converted to Islam in prisons. Muslims are taught to never turn in another Muslim for a crime against a non-Muslim, and never give any information to police or the FBI. Lone wolf assassins will breed in these Muslim Ghettos.



If Peduto gets his way, this will be the new normal for Pittsburgh. A Second Islamic Muslim Paris attack was foiled in less than a week. In a raid by French police near a suburb of Paris, the mastermind of the Paris attack was killed as he and a woman prepared for another attack. The woman detonated a suicide vest and police shot the man. Police were lead to the scene by tracking information found on one of the cell phones of a terrorist killed in last Friday’s attack.

Minn airport

Fly to Minneapolis, rent a car, get gas, fly back and thank GOD you live in Pittsburgh, FOR NOW.

Governor Mark Dayton attended a community conversation meeting in St. Cloud and told the people there who have been questioning refugee resettlement in Minnesota to “find another state.” MN Governor Dayton said, “Don’t like immigrants, get out of Minnesota!” Democrat Governor of the State—Mark Dayton—made it pretty clear to those who have been questioning the mass importation of refugees to the state—too bad for you, find another place to live. NO WAY PEDUTO, NOT HERE IN THE BURGH.

Mass Muslim migration has been a military strategy since the time of Muhammad. Immigration Jihad or “Hijrah” (holy migration) was used by Muhammad to take over the city of Medina 250 miles to the north of Mecca. 50 Muslim refugees grew to 10,000 in three years, and killed, raped, enslaved or exiled all the 30,000 Jews of the city.

Refugee Invasion is all part of a larger Islamification of Western Civilization and the world. 500 Syrian Muslims (followed in a year by 2,000 Muslims) is a massive invasion of our city. These large concentrated numbers of Muslims will not assimilate, but instead dominate and populate. Population Jihad is demographic Jihad.

To fight this invasion is not racism because Islam is not a race. Islam has always been a religious, political ideology determined to conquer the world. Muslims are not a minority in the world, and in Muslim dominated countries religious minorities have no rights.

Mayor Peduto’s Syrian resettlement plan is cultural suicide for Pittsburgh. Muslims are nothing like the Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak and other ethnic groups that gave Pittsburgh its great cultural character. Peduto is being a useful idiot, and a dupe, misguided by his political desires and total ignorance of Islam (means: submit not peace) and Muslims (those who submit to Allah). Peduto is what Muslims call a “Dimmie” (a non-Muslim who is dominated by Muslims)



With a passport, with legal refugee status, the Paris Syrian, refugee, Bomber came to make terror not to escape terror.


Syrian Passport

French police revealed a Syrian passport was found on a bomber’s body. A Syrian passport has been retrieved from one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up outside the Stade de France stadium last night KILLING 60 PEOPLE, according to two French police officers. SIS released a statement today, claiming responsibility for the attacks. 13% of all Syrian Refugees support ISIS. D0 THE MATH. That would mean at least 50 Peduto Syrian refugees will support ISIS. 10% of ALL Muslims support terrorism.