It is not permissible for a Muslim to celebrate Thanksgiving for the following reasons:

Imam Ahmad and other hadith collectors have reported a hadtih that the Prophet Muhammad said, “Whoever imitates some people, he is considered as one of them.” In another narration the prophet said, “A person is not one of us (Muslims), if he imitates others (non-Muslims).”

We can find some reasons behind the prohibition of the imitation of the non-Mulsims in their feasts or holidays and the things that are special to them. The most important reason has to do with imitating them in their feasts and holidays. This is because Islam views the feasts and holidays as one of the worship acts, and therefore, it is not allowed for a Muslim to worship the way the non-Muslims do. Ibadah or worship in Islam has to be according to the teaching of Islam only.

Islam strongly prohibited imitating non-Muslims Even if it is in a worship act. The prophet did not allow the Muslims to imitate the Jews by fasting Ashorah the tenth of the month of Muharam. It is very important to know what is meant by not imitating non-Muslims. It applies only with what is special to them, and their feast celebration activities.


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