How does a Muslim explode and massacre innocent unarmed people?

The radicalization of a Muslim first begins with reading the Quran. The Quran (I’ve read the whole thing) is filled with hate for the non-Muslim, Christian and Jew. After reading it regularly a Muslim becomes discussed with daily living among non-Muslims. They then try to live like their prophet Muhammad by with drawing into prayer and a closed social life of only Muslims. The Mosque offers this, but they can’t live there, and must make a living. Mosque life does not make them happy, but only angrier when they are forced to interact on their jobs with non-Muslims (Kafirs).

The Quran teaches the Muslim that the Kafir should be submissive to him in all ways, and that becomes a rubbing point at the work place. Non-Muslim women at the work place make demands upon them that especially anger them even more. As I read the Quran, I could sense that anger becomes the way of dealing issues.

Devout Muslims gradually become very angry birds.

And as they become more devout through prayer and the other numerous restrictions of foods and dress, they also take on a “holier than thou” attitude toward Kafirs. As the Quran teaches, non-Muslims bcome pigs and dogs. Once the Kafir is de-humanized, killing us becomes easy. Mass murders are nothing.

As Syed did, and all these terrorist have done, they visit an all Muslim country, and come back even more angry that their country is not under Shariah Law. Burying this anger for years, it suddenly explodes into a public massacre.

The Imams at the Mosques encourage this radicalization with sermons and literature. Radicalization can happen to any Muslim especially the more religious they are. Employing a Muslim or working with a Muslim is very dangerous. They will seem fine one day, and explode with violence the next.

Of course, by speaking of these facts, we are accused of making Muslims radical. We all have issues in life, but our holy books do not teach us to solve our problems with hate, anger, and violence.