1. Obama, his FBI, his DOJ, his Law Enforcement Agents will lie to Americans to protect and shield Muslims.
  2. Mainstream media will lie, cover up, and white wash Muslim terror attacks to perpetuate the myth that Islam is a religion of peace.
  3. Muslim/Liberal political correctness kills people. (San Bernardino citizens feared being called racists and did not report suspicious Muslim activity.
  4. Obama Homeland Security vetting of Muslim immigrants (Farook’s wife) is worthless.
  5. Debating a Muslim at your workplace or anywhere can get you killed. (Co-worker Nicholas Thalasinos, former Jew and Messianic Christian)
  6. Female Muslim immigrants with babies are murderous killers also.
  7. Intense in depth reading  and memorizing of the Quran, devoted daily prayer in a Mosque, marriage to a foreign Muslim, travel to Muslims countries, makes for an Islamic terrorist.
  8. Democrats are useful pawns of the CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations, Muslim Brotherhood, Muslims Student Association, etc.
  9. Tracking potential Muslim terrorists is a bureaucratic toothless, paper tiger.
  10. Obama and his crew are more interested in preventing an American backlash than protecting American lives. American lives matter!
  11. Liberals and Muslims have created a mythical, white washed, Islamic religion that can never be found guilty of any of its evil teachings.
  12. Muslim terrorist are not just poor, disadvantaged, uneducated minorities.