golden rule

ISLAMIC WORKPLACE GOLDEN RULE: Muhammad said, “Smile in their face, but curse them in your heart.” from the Hadith, Al-Bukhari.


After he had done his murderous deed, co-workers of Muslim terrorist Syed Farook tell us that he was always friendly at work. And, if you have noticed from previous descriptions of other U.S. Muslim terrorists, this is a common description about all Islamic terrorists that are out numbered at their workplace with non-Muslims. That is part 1 of 2 in the Islamic golden rule. “Smile in their face.”

But then after deeper investigations, it is revealed that these Muslim terrorists have guns, bombs, emails, blogs, Facebook posts, associates, and plans to kill Americans. That is part 2 of 2 of the Islamic golden rule. “But curse them in your heart.”

Islam does not practice our Christian Golden Rule. “Do unto other, as you would have them do unto you.” Islam does not have a set of 10 Commandments. Islam does not teach Muslims to love your enemies or do well to those who mistreat you. Also, Muhammad said, “Make treaties when you are weak, and break them when you are strong.” Muhammad said, “I war is deception.” Supported by the Quran’s Taqiyya (holy lying) and other double standards, over the centuries, these values have become their Sharia Golden Rule.

The friendly Muslim that you work with practices the Islamic Golden Rule. “Smile in their face, but curse them in your heart.” Remember this the next time a Muslim co-worker is friendly with you. The Quran teaches Muslims to be hypocrites to non-Muslims. Islam is a dualistic religion that teaches rules for Muslims and rules for others. As a result, practicing Muslims have a split personality dysfunction.

Internally frustrated, this cognitive dissonance of “smiles and hate” in a person’s character will eventually explode in violence, so beware of this when you must associate with Muslims.