Syrian refugees

Hijrah is Islamic migration that brings death to any culture by “The Traveler,” Muhammad. To Muhammad, the world belongs to Allah and Muslims must migrate to bring it back under Allah’s possession. Muhammad considered himself Allah’s traveler, and hence, the book Reliance of the Traveller. (A guide to Shariah Law)

Europe and America are the most recent destinations of this Death Migration. In the past, great civilizations, societies, and cultures have ended as a result of this death migration. The Arabian city of Medina was the first historic example of this in history. A city of a predominately Hebrew religion and culture vanished from societal existence in less then ten years (620-630AD) after Muhammad migrated there.

Unless supported by a bottomless pit of natural resources (oil), Islamic countries eventually collapse under Shariah stagnation and sectarian Shia/Sunni violence. Sucking out the human wealth and natural resources of a more advanced society in about a century, Muslim countries dry up and die, unless of course, they continue the death march on to another part of the world. Historically ideologically similar to communism, a moral, social and economic bankruptcy has been proven inevitable.

Mecca, a merchant caravan town and worship center for the tolerance of 360 gods, was the starting point of the first death migration. Tolerating 360 gods, Muhammad introduced religious intolerance to the town of Mecca with Islam, he promoted religious violence and assassinations; and then his followers destroyed the economy by raiding caravans to and through the city. The resulting chaos that he created forced him and his followers to emigrate to Yathrib, renamed by Muhammad, Medina. Thus beginning a long Muslim tradition of changing the names of everything and everyone, in order to cover up the death of a society and lay claim to those civilization’s former achievements. Iran was once Persian. Afghanistan was once Buddhist. Syria was once Christian. Palestine was once Hebrew, and the list goes on and on. In the history books, one hundred years from now, it will be written that Muslims invented the assembly line in Dearborn, MI.

Muslims themselves created the Syrian civil war, the collapse of that nation’s economy, and the resulting Hijrah of its people to other lands. Yet again, once the host country is in a state of dying or death, Muslims move on to another host nation. That’s Hijrah. Coming soon to your town.

The cities and towns of the United States of America are the next destinations of Islamic Hijrah.