Matthew 1:23: Jesus is described in the Bible as Immanuel, God with us. Sinless, born of the virgin Mary, God is in one man (Jesus) with us. Quran 19:19-22 Muslims believe in a virgin birth and the holiness of Jesus, but they do not believe that Jesus is GOD, SON OF GOD. This is a huge difference in the meaning of Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas is that God was born GOD/MAN, SON OF GOD AND MAN. (The Trinity)

Therefore, Muslims do not believe in that true meaning of Christmas or The Trinity. Believing in a virgin birth is part of the meaning of Christmas. But Muslims believe that the virgin birth only proves that Allah can do all things, nothing more. Muslims believe that Jesus was holy, but not GOD. Jesus being holy/sinless is very important. But unless Jesus is GOD, Jesus could not die for the sins of humans. If Jesus was holy only as one man, He could save Himself; but He could not save all humans unless He is GOD. Having faith in Jesus, we are saved by GRACE. Having faith in Allah, Muslims are saved by their works, if they are good enough.

The name Jesus literally means GOD saves. Muslims believe they must save themselves. In Christianity, we are saved by grace through faith. In Islam, Muslims are saved by faith in their good works and Allah’s final decision. Christians are assured we will be in Heaven.

Muslims can only hope they will get to paradise. In Islam, death during Jihad (killing infidels) is the only assured way to paradise for a Muslim. That’s why they will die for it.