Muslim Black slaves

Pieces of castrated male slaves for harems and Muslim homosexuality.

“Another extremely cruel, dehumanizing and degrading aspect of Islamic slavery was the large-scale castration of male captives. Castrated males were in great demand among Muslim rulers and elites mainly for three reasons.

First, Muslim harems and households used to have a few to thousands of wives and concubines. It was safer for masters to keep eunuchs, instead of virile men in their households and palaces.

Second, the castrated men, with no hope of a family or offspring to look forward to in their old age, were likely to show greater fidelity and devotion to the master in order to earn their favor. The castrated slaves devoted themselves exclusively to work.

Third, there was a high demand for eunuchs was the result of the homosexual infatuation of many Muslim rulers, generals and nobles. Eunuchs, kept for carnal indulgence were called ghilman. Sanctioned by the Quran in 52:24. Heaven is described as having male attendants. “Round about them will serve young male servants as pearls well-guarded.” The concept of ghilman in Islam may have been promoted by the dominant culture of sodomy that existed amongst Arabs during Muhammad’s times.

Castration was performed most often on the black captive slaves, but also on captives of all shades and races. (22,000 in 1659 A.D.) Due to unsanitary conditions and primitive procedures, over 50% of all castrated slave died from the procedure.”

Islamic Jihad, M. A. Khan, iUniverse, Inc. NY, 2009