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Earliest complete manuscript of Koran is 200 AH or 800AD! There are no ancient copies of the Koran dating before 750 AD in museums. The words in the Quran have evolved from the time it was first wr…

Source: The Evidence That al-Qur’an is Corrupted, Fake and Full of Lies (Video)


Wick & BombFrontpage, by Daniel Greenfield, April 13, 2016: There are Jihadists from dozens of countries who have joined ISIS. What do they all have in common? The official answer is radicalization. Muslims i…

Source: The Fallacy of Focusing on Islamic Radicalization

Islamic ColonialismIslam is a religion of colonialism that spread through invasion, settlement and conquest. Its caliphs, from the original invaders, including Omar, to the current Caliph of ISIS, wielded and wield religious authority in the service of the Islamic colonial enterprise.

Source: The Religion of Colonialism


Video: Robert Spencer on CAIR’s ties to Hamas




What this 19-year-old Donald Trump supporter has to say about leaving Islam is eye-opening, and should tell liberals plenty…

This ex-Muslim who identifies herself as a 19 year-old college student, addressing Mr. Trump and revealing how she had “been secretly watching Trump and his speeches for the last few months and agreeing with what he says about Islam.”

“Until yesterday, I had not once removed my hajib in my life while outside. I tried to do it once when I was 10 years old, and my parents grounded me for a week,” she writes.

“Let me tell you something right now, there are no ‘moderate Muslims.’ There are no ‘assimilated Muslims,’” not even her own parents, the young woman continues. “Throughout my life, I have been to three different mosques regularly. Everyone there had some kind of animosity to America. Either they support jihadist actions outright or they refuse to condemn them, or blame Christians and the west.”

“This religion is garbage. You want to know what people at my mosque say to me when I ask them about Trump or about terrorists crossing the border? ‘Don’t speak woman,’” She goes on to state that American Muslims are not thrilled to see that whites aren’t racist when they become accepting of new Muslims entering the country. No, they’re excited that more Muslims are coming in period, and that America will have to be more accepting of the Islamic state.

Muslims don’t want to assimilate, because they know the Left won’t make them. Muslims believe we – Christians, Jews, etc. – should conform to their beliefs.