After laying abandoned for several years since 2013, the barbwire enclosed, under tunneled, 145-acre, 13 building state-owned property formally housing the Youth Development Center in Shenango Township on June 1st. It has been sold to a Newark, New Jersey based Islamic consulting group called HIRA. The CEO of HIRA Asif Kunwar who lives in an apartment in NJ and with an income of 50,000 per/yr. somehow made two bids on the property. Local businessman Doug Caggiano noted that HIRA’s website has many missing links, and asked where is their money coming from? There were three bids submitted. One bid was from HIRA founded by Muhammad Asif and another bid from Asif Kunwar himself the same individual. Kunwar reportedly placed the minimum bid of $300,000 under his own personal name, but then HIRA placed the winning bid of $400,000 after a Sumner McDanel placed a bid of $305,000. Kunwar signed the bid that he submitted personally, but did not sign the bid that HIRA submitted. Bidding against oneself is illegal in the State bidding process. HIRA was dropped a year ago as a NJ nonprofit because they did not submit financial reports for two years. The property is located in the 10th state legislative district, but State Representative Aaron Bernstine, of Lawrence County is asking questions because he was never informed of the sale. No one can find a proposal of usage for the property by HIRA. Public notification was only once put in the Beaver Times, but never in any of the local newspapers of the property location. The Twp was never informed of the sale. Twp. Commissioner Robert Del Signore is among those who urge the commonwealth to check the legitimacy of the company before selling the property. Rep. Berstine sent a letter to Gov. Wolf on 6/8/17. Lawrence County Commissioners have expressed concern, as they have no information on the identity of the bidder, or what the actual intent is for the property. “We really have no knowledge on who the bidders are, (or) what their plans are,” said County Commissioner Dan Vogler. WILL THIS BECOME A MEGA MOSQUE, A SYRIAN REFUGEE CENTER, OR EVEN AN ISLAMIST TRAINING COMPLEX?