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square root

A friend of mine with a Phd. enlightened me to the fact that the word “radical” means root in Mathematics.

Radical Muslims are in fact going back to the very root of Islam in the beginning.

ISIS is the Root of Islam. ISIS is the prefect model of Muhammad, Allah, and the Quran.

Beheading, killing, raping, enslaving young girls, stealing, human trafficking, genocide, these were all what Muhammad did and the Quran teaches Muslims to carry out against non-Muslims.

Ishaq 327 says, “Allah said, A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives.”

ISIS is the square root of Islam. Use the term wisely the way it is defined, not as an excuse to justify war crimes in the name of Allah.



At one of my presentations, during the questions and answers, I was asked, if I knew any Muslims? This question was an attempt to discredit me, if I didn’t know any Muslims personally.

If you ever get that same question, the answer to the question is.  I only have to know one Muslim, Muhammad.

Muhammad is called the perfect model in the Quran and Hadith.  I only have to know him to know what Muslims all want to be.  And believe me, I know who Muhammad is.  To know Muhammad, is to know Allah, and to know the Quran.  They are all one in the same.

Muslims condemn Christians for having a Trinity, but they have one also.  Allah, Muhammad and the Quran are the Islamic Trinity.


HS Students Say Pledge In Arabic: ‘One Nation Under Allah’
Posted on 28 April, 2014 by Rick Wells

“The school recites the Pledge of Allegiance weekly, on Mondays. Last Monday, a member of their “Cultural Arms Club” led the student body in an Arabic version of the pledge, replacing the words “under God” with “under Allah.”

Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, has now become Sharia Law compliant, at least for one day. And since the entire student body and teachers pledged to Allah, and thereby fulfilled the 1st Pillar of Islam, -Confessing that there is only one god Allah, could a nearby Imam understand that as the whole school becoming Muslim? Added to the authenticity of this pledge is the fact that the pledge was spoken in Arabic, which in addition, brings this confession very close to being a mass conversion to Islam. Now What? Are they -today- now considered apostates? Or is it just that the school lunches will now no longer have pork items on the menu? Words have consequences in Islam.


American pop culture has hit an all time low. Romanticizing evil by making it look good is disgraceful. No matter what is written on the inside, the cover is what most young Americans will see, and that is despicable. But this is the prime objective of Islam. Making evil to look good. The Rolling Stones magazine has just published a massive Muslim recruitment poster. Islamists want new, young, white members, and what better way to do that than this. A murderer of innocent men, women and children has now been made into a Rock Star.


Bosch Fawstin

VATICAN CITY (Catholic Online) – The Vatican is confirming the death by beheading of Franciscan Father, Francois Murad, who was martyred by Syrian jihadists on June 23.Below is the news release from the Vatican, via

On Sunday, June 23 the Syrian priest François Murad was killed in Gassanieh, in northern Syria, in the convent of the Custody of the Holy Land where he had taken refuge. This is confirmed by a statement of the Custos of the Holy Land sent to Fides Agency. The circumstances of the death are not fully understood. According to local sources, the monastery where Fr. Murad was staying was attacked by militants linked to the jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusra.

Father François, 49, had taken the first steps in the religious life with the Franciscan Friars of the Custody of the Holy Land, and with them he continued to share close bonds of spiritual friendship. After being ordained a priest he had started the construction of a coenobitic monastery dedicated to St. Simon Stylites in the village of Gassanieh.After the start of the Civil War, the monastery of St. Simon had been bombed and Fr. Murad had moved to the convent of the Custody for safety reasons and to give support to the remaining few, along with another religious and nuns of the Rosary.

“Let us pray,” writes the Custos of the Holy Land Pierbattista Pizzaballa OFM ” so that this absurd and shameful war ends soon and that the people of Syria can go back to living a normal life.” Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo, titular of the Syrian Catholic archeparchy in Hassaké-Nisibis reports to Fides: “The whole story of Christians in the Middle East is marked and made fruitful by the blood of the martyrs of many persecutions. Lately, father Murad sent me some messages that clearly showed how conscious he was of living in a dangerous situation, and offered his life for peace in Syria and around the world. ”

**This should make it clear to Christians around the world what jihadists are about. Make no mistake. Catholics and Christians around the globe are under dire threat, particularly from the spread of militant Islam. Until the threat is recognized and taken seriously, martyrdoms like this will continue.

…We must warn you, the video is extremely graphic. We believe the first victim is Father Francois, and the second victim that is depicted is another person said to be a collaborator with the Assad regime.

The video CLEARLY depicts the beheadings of these victims. DO NOT follow the link unless you are over the age of 18, and are prepared to view content of this nature.

Catholic Online believes it is very important the world knows that Christians are being murdered for their faith, and that martyrdom isn’t an ancient phenomenon.

Today is “Speak your mind about Islam Day,” June 6th.

ATTENTION ALL BLOGGERS: Join in making today a day to speak out about the evils of Islam. In reaction to the Obama Justice Department’s attempt to end free speech against Islam, we are calling on all bloggers to speak-out about Islam today.

Go to:  scroll down and read a great article with terrific cartoons selected for this special day.

Truth mixed with common experience is the best defense against Islam. Simple logic and truth make religious confusion become clear. Evil always flows down hill. Like water, evil always runs down hill. Water always seeks the lowest level. It is a law of nature, and a principle of gravity. As all objects have centers of gravity, all religions have had their low points of morality. Historically, for example, religions that offer human sacrifices to their gods have very low levels of morality. Having these sub-humane levels, all their followers gradually and eventually slide to that common denominator of human baseness.


Islam has these levels of immoral baseness to which all devoted members will eventually gravate, as they become more knowledgeable of their religion. In the Quran, there are base levels of immoral behavior taught through out, such as slavery, the abuse of women, torture, rape, pedophilia, pederasty, human mutilation, and murder. These base levels of behavior are generally morally unacceptable to most modern societies, civilizations, and religions, today. There may be individual incidents of these base levels of immoral behavior in other religions, but in Islam they are the common denominator and standard for their behavior.

A moderate Muslim becomes radicalized when he finds and descends to these levels of moral baseness. This is not the exception, but the rule.  Like gravity, it works ever time that it is tried. The more devoted, educated, and practiced in Islam the believer is, the more acceptable these base moral behaviors become. Muslims living among other religions with higher moral standards will not descend to these base levels as quickly as those Muslims in Islamic States, Muslim enclaves, or in geographic isolation from other religions.

In Islam, back to the basics means going back to the old immoral baseness of their religious history in the world.

Islam always flows down hill. It is a law of the nature of their religion.

Wow, I don’t even know what to say. I just read a news story by John Griffing on about my very own Hometown High School in Lumberton, TX (Lumberton ISD) making students wear Muslim Burqas as part of a History class this past week. (picture displayed below is from a Lumberton Student taken when they had to wear Burqas in class)

Earlier this Month (February 2013), BEFORE this Burqa lesson was ever taught, I first learned that Lumberton ISD uses CSCOPE and I wrote this article: Lumberton ISD uses Liberal CSCOPE that teaches Allah is God and Boston Tea Party was Terrorism like 9/11
Right after I wrote that article, I went to the Lumberton School Board meeting and spoke to the School Board at the beginning of the meeting. I explained to the school board the problems with CSCOPE and asked them, at least, to have a hearing about CSCOPE and whether or not it should still be used at Lumberton ISD. The school board members did seem concerned and asked the Superintendent questions about CSCOPE. The Superintendent, John Valastro, assured the Board that the CSCOPE program was not used very much and they had not run into any issues with bad lessons getting taught by teacher.
Not even a month after I was assured at the LISD School Board meeting that there were no CSCOPE lesson problems at Lumberton ISD, I get emailed this article from WND with a picture of Lumberton ISD students in Burqas with quotes from students saying they were even told by the teacher that “we are going to change your perception about Islam” and the teacher in the Burqa lesson, according to a student, also said, “I do not necessarily agree with this, but I am supposed to teach you that we are not to call these people terrorists anymore, but freedom fighters.”
The lesson teaches that Burqas are just an alternative dress style that Muslims wear when in reality, women in Muslim countries are oppressed and FORCED to wear these Burqas or face even possibly death. At the end of class, the students were assigned to write a paper about Egypt. According to one student, they were instructed to discuss “how Egypt was a good country until democracy took over, and that things were finally corrected when the Muslim brotherhood came into power.”
I believe Mr. Valastro and do not think he or the School Board deceived me. I do think they probably being deceived though. I do believe there have been bad lessons that have not been brought to his attention and I believe some teachers use, and are even forced to use, CSCOPE lessons on a regular basis instead of just minimally. That is the problem with CSCOPE though. There is no transparency! Everything is online and there are thousands of lessons that teachers can pick to use without even having to get it approved. Some of these lessons ARE bad lessons. Even the Superintendent and the school board did not know about what was going on with CSCOPE at LISD. Hopefully, now that this Burqa incident has happened and will be on the news all across America, there will be some action taken regarding CSCOPE being taught at Lumberton ISD. Yes there are legislative fixes that should be coming this year, but until then, Lumberton ISD should really consider having a hearing or something to discuss CSCOPE being used at LISD and whether or not it should even be used anymore until the problems get fixed.
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Today we introduce a companion blog, Act! Pittsburgh.

With a more broad scope, this blog will continue to expose Islamic Jihad, but with a more general base of sources and information. This blog is dedicated to the memory of the passengers and crew of Flight 93.

Islamic Head Lice

Islamic Head Lice

Do you know how it feels to have head lice? Do you know how it feels to have some one talk about head lice? It makes you crazy itchy. Well, check out the latest expose from Act for America. Muslim Brotherhood in America.

The Pittsburgh Connection: Look at what I found in the expose.
In 2003, Dalia Mogahed served as Outreach Coordinator for the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh (ICP)

It makes you feel like America has head lice.