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Many may assume that Islamic white washing only happens in World History textbooks.  Not so.

I recently reviewed a commonly used High School textbooks titled U.S. History, Reconstruction to the Present.  On page 729, under a section titled Middle East Conflicts, the textbook states that Israel and the neighboring Arab Nations had been involved in four wars since the 1960s.  No where in the sentence or the paragraph is the truth told that the Arab Nations started all of these wars by attacking Israel.  Omission of facts is a consistent white washing tool of Islamists editors.

On page 786, the same textbook gives an account of the terrorist attacks of 9-11-2001. In the three paragraphs covering this history, the words “Islamic” Terrorists” “Muslim” or “Jihad” are never printed.  Instead, the word hijacker is consistently used. Who these hijacker were is never clarified.  In just three years, students will be reading this textbook who were not born at this time in history.  How are they to know what really happened?

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“Muhammad preached that the rich should share their wealth with the poor.” Chapter 14, Lesson 1, Discovering Our Past: A History of the World

This textbook plays on the student’s Judeo-Christian concept of giving to all the poor. But Muslim giving to the poor meant giving to the Muslim poor only.

What we do have are records of Muhammad preaching about the Zakat. The Zakat was commanded by Allah through Muhammad. Giving the Zakat is considered an act of worship and is one of the five Pillars of Islam. The Qur’an lists the people who are to receive Zakat (at-Taubah 9:60) as: poor, needy, collectors, destitude, needy travellers, for freeing captives, debtors, for Islam, and new converts, prospective converts, and soldiers in Jihad.

It is not permissible to give Zakat to any kafir (non-Muslim) except the one who is inclined towards Islam, in the hope that he will become Muslim if you give him zakaah (al-Tawbah:60).
All Muslim scholars agree that the Zakat should not be given to non-Muslims. “Allah forbids you not those who warred not against you on account of religion and drove you not out from your homes, that you should show them kindness and deal justly with them. Lo! Allah loves the just dealers.” Quran, 60: 8

The Prophet of Islam used to pay a portion of Zakat sometimes to the new converts. New converts to any religion leave behind them a whole society that displays active hostility against them. They are in danger of losing their lives. They certainly in most case lost business and get involved in hardships and discomforts of a varied type. To such of the new converts, the Prophet of Islam as a symbol of their entering a brotherhood which was alive to their interests, used to dole out certain sums. Upon this modest but much needed help depended the moral stamina and economic rehabilitation of those who were thus cut off from old associates. He used, sometimes, by payment of Zakat to win over the hearts of leaders of clans and tribes and secure their goodwill for the Musalmans and ward off their potential evil designs against the Muslim society which was then only spring into existence. Payment was again made under this head to the needy, who were expected ultimately to understand and embrace Islam.

Again we see the whitewashing of Islam in the textbooks of American Public School Students.

“Despite his success, Muhammad was troubled by many things he saw around him, including the greed of Makkah’s wealthy citizens. He despised their dishonesty, neglect of the poor, and disregard for family life.”
“Discovering Our Past: A History of the World, Chapter 14, Lesson 1

Because he married a wealthy older widow, Muhammad was also a wealthy man, himself. As a child, he was a member of one of the wealthiest Makkah families. The other people of Mecca were no more greedy or dishonest then he. The people of Mecca did not neglect the poor or disregard family life any more than the people of any other Arabian town. This is an attempt to slant the minds of the children that are reading this inaccurate propaganda. Muhammad taught in the Quran that dishonesty with non-Muslims was acceptable. Recorded in the Quran, Muhammad captured non-Muslim families, separated them from each other, and sold them into slavery. This is an attempt to whitewash the true character of Muhammad and Islam. The growth of Islam was not the result of Muhammad’s compassionate desire for social justice and family values. That is historically not true. But from the beginning, social justice and moral family values has been a false cover-up of the true opposite nature of Islam.
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Previous Post using another textbook: “All around him (Muhammad) saw greed, corruption, and violence.”  p.452  My World History (Early Ages)

This statement is totally false. Mecca was not any more greedy, corrupt, and violent then any other Arabian town of that time.  And in general, Mecca was a very tolerant town toward other religions until Muhammad began Islam..  The shrine of the Kaaba housed over 600 idols of various religions with no conflicts among the worshipers. Muhammad grew up in the most dominate tribe of Mecca that profited most from the many worshipers of the shrine.

Author of “Religion of Peace” Gregory M. Davis writes on page 64, “To describe a man who freely engaged in war, slavery, mass larceny, assassination, massacre, and sexual intercourse with a child as “a moral and social reformer” who was “fond of children” defies comprehension.

World History and Geography (Modern Times)
McGraw-Hill, 10TH grade

“Ottoman Empire practiced religious tolerance with thier subjects.”

“An elite guard called Janissaries recruited from the local Christian population, converted to Islam, and trained as soldiers.”

“RECRUITED” The janissaries were white eastern European children kidnapped, bought as slaves, or taken as bribes.
They were used as soldiers in battles against their own race by their Muslim captures.

“Possibly the most devastating aspect of Islamic slavery was the castration of male captives. The worst casualty of castration was obviously the robbing of man’s most fundamental identity and treasure –his manhood. The greatest tragedy of castration was, however, the massive mortality in the operation. Only 25 percent of the victims of castration survived the operation. “Islamic civilization did indeed practice castration of slaves on an unprecedented scale. Several cities in Africa were real factories of eunuchs. They were an expensive commodity.” p.333 “Muslim harems and households used to have a few to thousands of wives and concubines. Caliph al-Muqtadr (908) had assembled in the Baghdad palace some 11,000 eunuchs. p. 313
Taken from the book: Islamic Jihad, by M.A. Kahn

“Islam required that slaves should be treated kindly.”
“Islam improved the condition of women.”
My World History (Early Ages) p.462

Women and Slaves were abused and subjected to death as a consequence of Islamic Harems.

The omission of the truth of the Islamic Harem is only one example of the blatant whitewashing of the above textbook sentences.
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“It is evident from the discussion so far that the Islamic invaders of India brought a totally different code of war, based on the Quran and the Sunnah. Contemporary Muslim historians inform us that, as a general rule, they used to slay all enemy soldiers on the battlefield. After the victory, they often fell upon the civilian villages and towns, often slaughtering the men of fighting age. They sacked and plundered the households for booty, and sometimes burned down the villages and towns. Of the civilian population, the Buddhist monks and priestly Brahmins, in whom the common people reposed heir trust, became special targets for extermination. The center of infidel religion and learning -namely Hindu and Jain temples, Buddhist monasteries were destroyed. The women and children were captured as slaves in large numbers. They kept the young and beautiful women captives as sex-slaves, others were engaged in household chores, and the rest were sold. The magnitude of the booty, the captives included, was a measure of the glory and success of military missions. When large numbers of infidels were slain. Saltan Muhammad Ghauri used to raise “victory-towers with the heads of the dead to celebrate the achievement.
By M A. Khan, Islamic Jihad

“Arabs preached their religion and expanded their rule across Southwest Asia.”
p.453 My World History (Early Ages)

The textbook likes to use the word expanded to whitewash the horrific conquest of the Hindu people of India.


“Swords flashed like lightning amid the blackness of clouds, and fountains of blood flowed like the fall of setting stars. The friends of God defeated their opponents. The Musalmans wreaked their vengeance on the infidel enemies of God, killing 15,000 of them, and making them food of the beasts and birds of prey. God also bestowed on his friends such an amount of booty as was beyond all bounds and calculations, including five hundred thousand slave, and beautiful women.” (Sultan Mahmud’s minister a-Utbi on his campaign to India.
Islamic Jihad by M.A. Khan

“United by Islam, Arabs preached their religion and expanded their rule across Southwest Asia and to many othe parts of the world.” p.453 My World history (Early Ages)

Islam did not unite Muslems, as noted by the early split (7th century ) between Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims. What united Muslims then and now is the most common denominater among Muslims -war against the non-believer. War, the booty of war, slavery, pillage, and conquored lands increased the first followers of Muhammad by a thousnad times. Religious practice is only twenty percent of Islamic teachings. Eighty percent of Islamic practice is Jihad (war) When Muslims have total control of a country and have no non-believers to war against, they war against themselves -fundmentalists against moderates. And then, Men war against women.

Notice the textbook connection between the word preached and expanded. This is intentional, in order to plant that false association in the mind of a child. Islam never expanded in the world by preaching.

“Quickly, the Muslims united most of Arabia under their rule.” p.453 My World History (Early Ages)
The word united is a whitewash of the facts. United sounds so peaceful and good to the mind of a child.

But how did Muhammad unite Arabia?
From Muhammad’s headquarters in Medina, Islamic writings account the following.

“The major battles waged by Muhammad from Medina were directed largely against the Quraish Tribe. According to the Sira (659-660), the Muslims under Muhammad engaged in some eight-four battles and raids between AD 622 and 632. Muhammad was present for twenty-seven of these and personally fought in nine. Four engagements, however, stand out; the battles of Badr, Uhud, The Trench, and Mecca. Details of these battles illuminate the essential nature of violence in Islam and provide orthodox Muslims with a blueprint for their own conduct.”
by Gregory M. Davis, Religion of Peace