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To understand Muslim justification for rioting, one must think through the mind of Islam.  Any negative statements about Allah, Muhammad, or Islam are considered blasphamy.  Blasphamy is punishable by death.  Truth is not the basis of this understanding of blasphamy.  Something may be true, but if it is unfavorable to Allah, Muhammad, or Islam, it is still blasphamy.  Freedon of speach is not a right of anyone in the world view of Islam.  Under this thinking and understanding, hate speech can be the truth spoken publicly.   What is said, the intention of what is said, makes no diference.  If even just one Muslim is offended in his mind, the words spoken become evil hate speech.  That Muslim is then given the right to riot and kill with approval by Allah.  However, this thinking is only directed toward Non-Muslims, and this is why they will deny that this is a teching of Islam and a practice of Muslims.  This mind set and duelism is the total opposite of Western Civilization’s way of thinking.  Know your enemy.


Most public school textbooks now have an online option for viewing the book at home.  The teacher should give each student a user name and password to read the textbook online. Ask for this, call the principle, and don’t give up until you get it.