Allah: means God
Muhammad: means “the praised one”
Quran or Koran: means “recitation” claimed to be the verbatim word of Allah
Islam: means “submission” or “surrender” not peace
Muslim: means “the one who submits to the will of Allah”
Umma: means the world community of Muslims.
Jihad: means struggle and is most referred to in the Quran as war.
Taqiyya: means deception or Holy Lying
Sharia: means Islamic Law
Dhimmi: means “the protected one” a non-Muslim. Protected from being killed by Muslims.
Caliph: the title of the ruler or leader of the global Muslim community
Kaba: mean “cube” Islamic object of worship in Mecca
Mecca: Birth place of Muhammah and holiest city of Islam.
Hijra: means immigration” Muhammad’s move from Mecca to Medina
Sharia: Islamic Law
Sura: a chapter of the Quran
Hadith: means “report” Collection of reports of Muhammad’s life.
Sunnah: means “way” Stories of Muhammad’s Life.
Sira: means “life” Biography of Muhammad’s life
Medina: Called city of the Prophet. Muhammad’s residence from 622 until his death.